Different Ways of Using a Sideboard

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When there is an item of furniture, such as a sideboard, which has the great advantage of being so versatile, this can paradoxically make it a daunting or confusing piece of furniture to invest in. Because it can go towards so many uses, you may find that it is difficult to envision exactly what its purpose would be in your own home.

But, fear not! We are here to get the ball rolling with an overview of different ways in which it can be used, and indeed the different places which it can live in your home. This way, once you get a sense of the main uses, you might be able to grasp that moment of inspiration which will direct you towards seeing the exact use of the sideboard in your own living space!

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Perfect spot for a coffee maker

If you have something like a coffee maker then, as convenient as it is as a machine to have handy, you can often find that it takes up a rather significant proportion of your kitchen surface space. If you have a sideboard, though, you will be able to place it somewhat to the side, readily accessible but not taking up any of the space which you could otherwise use when you are busy in the kitchen.

Line up some choice drinks

Sometimes lining up a few favourite bottles can add a lovely convivial ambience. A good place to do this might be on your sideboard. This will create a kind of mini bar, but it will be a nice touch just to add a bit of visual interest and charm to the space. And, though this might well be considered as something which is mainly for the kitchen area, you can also use it in this way if you want to develop a bit of flair in your other rooms, such as your dining room, or even your living room!

Dining room

Create a buffet system

If you are having a party and would not like to clutter the main dining table up with all the food, then the sideboard can be called into action so that you can create a buffet system. Whether you want people to pick their food and then mingle, or then sit down at the main dinner table, the sideboard will be the ideal feature for you to proudly display your edible offerings!

Living room/Study

Art display

If you want to break up an area of wall space in a way which it is creative and practical, then the sideboard could well be for you. And this is not only because a finely crafted sideboard looks so stylish in itself, but also because it is able to create an extra surface on which you can display some framed pictures, paintings and prints.

If you have enough space, then this could also be the perfect addition for your hallway area, as it will create a bit of character and texture in a space which is often overlooked when it comes to d├ęcor.

Display books, newspapers and magazines

In much the same way as the coffee table functions, if you have the extra surface space near your seating area in your living room, then you may want use a sideboard to display a few magazines or books. It can also be used as a decorative purpose, adding to the feel of the space.


A handy storage space

Whether for jewellery, toiletries, coins, sunglasses, or any other items which seem to go walkabout throughout your bedroom or the surrounding area, you may find that a sideboard in your bedroom offers a stylish and subtle way of keeping these kinds of things organised and tidy.

A place for a mirror

Not only can you benefit from the storage space, but you can also place on the top surface a mirror. This will not only open the feel of the room up, but also give yourself a great spot in your bedroom to double check how great you look before heading off to do whatever the day may hold!

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