Eclectic Furniture Design Ideas

Eclectic style furniture

How to create the eclectic look

The idea of creating an eclectic look in the home can at first be both exciting and daunting. It is exciting in the sense that it seems as though the limitations have been lifted as to what you can do with your living space. You don’t have to stay inside the box so much, or choose items which exist strictly within the same category of style, time period, colour or texture. Take a look at our home decor guide to find out more about eclectic furniture.

But at the same time, with this lack of limitations comes a new problem: just how do you put together a coherent look when there are not many rules to go by? Well, though there are not many rules, you can follow some handy tips in order to set you on the right track.

Don’t throw away the notion of colour schemes

If you are experimenting with choosing pieces of furniture and home accessories from different time periods and different styles, there is one way which you can ensure you create an underlying common thread. This means that you will not be left with total chaos, but rather a playful collection of styles which are brought together by an overarching colour scheme.

Don’t buy one set of furniture together

Even though the idea of shopping for furniture can sometimes traditionally be to unify everything, and buying sets can be a great way to do this, when it comes to the eclectic look it is more about choosing individual pieces which, when combined, create something which is refreshingly new. By buying individual pieces, it may feel as though it will be difficult to co-ordinate your overall look, but it will on the other hand really open up the ways in which you can for example bring together many different textures, making your rooms come alive with lots of subtle details.

Experiment with combining time periods

With an eclectic look, there is no better time than to engage in a bit of time travelling! Well, not quite literary time travelling, but you certainly can hop between eras when you are assembling the décor of your rooms. Again, though, there can be a nice method to the madness, as you can for example experiment with pairing up two specific time period styles that you always thought might look good together, and see where that takes you.

Make a statement

This doesn’t mean you have to choose something which makes a political statement! But it means that you can go for a stunningly bold, striking, unapologetic-ally attention-grabbing item. There is only one statement piece, so make sure you choose one that speaks to you, and it should be placed in the room so that it is the focal point, with other items such as chairs perhaps pointing towards it.

Make it your own

When it comes down to it, the direction of your eclectic look in your own home relies upon your own preferences. And the great thing about doing décor the eclectic way is that it really does give you the opportunity to work into the look of your rooms some items which you have a personal connection with. Rooms tell a story with how they are put together, and by layering pieces of furniture and accessories into your décor which display some aspect of your character, your life and your passions, you will be able to come up with an eclectic look which truly no-one else would be able to replicate.


Here’s some inspiration to help you get started. We have used a combination of industrial and modern style furniture and accessories to create the look below. Enjoy…

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